Electric bikes & scooters

Sustainable urban mobility, leisure and adventure


2 years warranty

In all our products.


Tailor-made financing

up to 12 months

Enjoy your electric vehicle in comfortable terms.

Get informed without commitment.



Quality and Design

at your fingertips

We select avant-garde products at affordable prices for everyone.




Electricity is a cheaper energy and is not tied to finite resources like fossil fuels. Move without emitting toxic gases, take care of the environment and reduce noise pollution.



You can experience the same sensations as in a normal vehicle, but you can also travel greater distances and feel the impulse of the movement ... Very addictive!



Get in shape! On bikes, even if with the help of an electric motor, you will exercise. The assistance is adjustable and it has been demonstrated that users of electric bikes use them more than users of conventional bikes.


Silent and fast

Experience the sensation of moving without noise, without vibrations, in an ecological and fast way.

Advantages of the electric vehicle

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